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Sylvan Company


Quality Microdermabrasion Machines for Skin Care Professionals
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Buyer Beware Counterfeit Machines

Buyer Beware Counterfeits

Counterfeit Sylvan Microdermabrasion Machines are being found around the US, UK, and Australia. Be very careful as the quality is NOT the same. The Sylvan Company 4 in 1 machine design is protected by US patent D593,427 S. If you see the identical looking machine without the "Sylvan" name on it then this is a Counterfeit. The fake Microdermabrasion machines have been designed to LOOK the same, but they have left out all the key features inherent to the authentic Sylvan Company Machine.

There are several variations, and all are poor quality.

The fake microdermabrasion machines have Chinese made compressor motors which are very poor quality. Sylvan Company machines have Japanese made compressor motors.

The fake microdermabrasion machines have "cathode" function as part of the skin scrubber, this function is completely redundant and makes the operation complicated.

They have poor quality internal components PCB, and wiring. They can be fire hazards because there is no UL approval.

Our machines are shipped directly from our factory in China. Our compressors and PCB's are imported from Japan and the machines are assembled in our ISO quality certified factory in China. This manufacturing method allows us to build the highest quality machines for the lowest cost and then we can pass the savings on to you.

Some are claiming that these counterfeit machines have microcurrent and 5 functions instead of 4, but they do NOT.

Be careful as these imitation sets are being sold as "the same as Sylvan" or "same as Sylvan design". They are NOT the same design & the quality is inferior at best... at worst highly dangerous.


To verify authorized dealers or if you have any questions please contact us.

Un-Authorized Resellers

Here is a list of un-authorized resellers.  We cannot guarantee or verify the authenticity of the product purchased from these sources.

Before After
before diamond microdermabrasion after diamond microdermabrasion
Before After
before diamond microdermabrasion after diamond microdermabrasion


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