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Facial Steamers

Welcome to Sylvan Company - Facial Steamer Category


Our 2 in 1 Facial Steamer is The Perfect Compliment To One Of Our Multifunction Microdermabrasion Machines. Do Not Purchase Expensive Facial Steamers With Multiple Redundant Functions, Our 2 in 1 Facial Steamer Will Be The Last Unit That You Will Ever Need To Complete Your Spa.


Facial Steamers have many uses for the skin care professional: Facial steamers open pores and help to unclog pores for deep cleansing. Steaming of the face should be done before microdermabrasion or any other exfoliating technique. Facial Steamers are a natural way to relax the client and are best used with purified water or distilled water to avoid any possible toxins in the water.


Facial steamers are excellent tools for use for all types of skin care professionals and clinicians or even at home for the smaller portable units.


Facial steamers have actually been used for centuries before we had electricity, and although the principle is the same, today's modern machines are for more effective.


Facial Steaming Benefits:


  • Deep cleansing, remove toxins, increase blood circulation
  • Helps to improve penetration of product into the deeper dermal layers
  • Removes harmful bacteria and helps to treat acne, pimples, and other skin maladies


Facial Steamer Usage:


After the 2 in 1 facial steamer is turned on and releasing steam; The first step is to cleanse the face with a good cleanser. Then one should place the face about between 8 and 14" away from the steam, depending on skin type and tolerance, then expose the face to the steam for 5-10minutes at a time. The pores will now be opened wide and ready for increased product apsorption, increased blood flow, and increase efficacy of your microdermabrasion facial procedure. Also, if the treatment was for cleansing only, you could simply apply a mask after the facial steaming to give a deep wash of the face, and then pat dry with a clean towel.


If your client has dry skin which is usually the case, then the following products can be used in the water of the steamer or applied to the skin after steaming: lavender, rose water, marshmallow root. If your client has oily skin then you can add to the water: lemon grass, rosemary, or basil. For acne prone skin you can add: chamomile, and/or euchalyptus oil to the water and then also treat with blue LED light and microdermabrasion.


Sylvan Facial Steamers have a powerful secret ingredient: ozone. Ozone is a very powerful sterilizer with other beneficial properties for the skin. With the addition of ozone to the facial steamer which is created by the steam passing through UV light at the tip of the steamer arm the steam is immediately sterilized and helps to rejuvenate the skin and improve elasticity. Ozone has also been shown to help with overall complexion, circulation, reduction of adipose tissue (fat) and wrinkle reduction.

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