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Derma Rollers

Have You Heard About The Derma Roller Breakthrough For Skin Care?


More Effective Than Surgery For Scar Reduction, Stretch Mark Removal, and Wrinkle Elimination? Revealed Below - How a Top Plastic Surgeon Discovered a Revolutionary Breakthrough In Anti-Aging Skin Treatment That Makes Scars, Stretch Marks, and Wrinkles Virtually Vanish Before Your Eyes!




Developed in the early 2000's Derma Rollers have turned the skin care industry upside down. With the use of micro-needles, like acupuncture, micro-needles puncture the skin at various measured depths and spacing to stimulate natural collagen production, new skin cell generation, product absorption and other benefits. The treatment was perfected with the advent of the derma roller to normalize the micro needle spacing and puncture depth at precise measurements every time, and making treatment application effortless.


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So What Exactly Does it Do?


Get this: It is an effective treatment for scars, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks - Combined with Pluripotent Anti-Aging serum it works to eliminate the appearance of All visible signs of aging.... in the fastest time possible.


  • Literally Rolls Away Your Scars, Wrinkles, Cellulite, and Stretch Marks Before Your Eyes
  • Derma Rollers Treatment when Enhanced by the Right Serum, Derma Rollers Will Increase the Penetration of Product Significantly, Increasing the Efficacy of Products Up To 300%
  • 100% Painless, No Harm to The Skin, Can Be Done, With the Proper Training, at Home
  • Does Not Make the Skin "Sun Sensitive" But it is Recommended To Avoid Excessive Ultraviolet Light for a Few Days After Treatment
  • Literally "Trick" Your Skin Into Turning Back The Clock by Destroying Old Skin Cells and Scar Tissue, and Replacing Them With Brand New Skin Cells, Silky Smooth Like A Newborn Baby
  • Highly Effective Treatment for Surgery Scars, Burn Scars, Acne Scars, Chicken Pox Scars, Pitting of the Skin, Large Pores, and More
  • The Micro Needling Puncture Stimulates Collagen Production And "Re-Sets" The Cell Cycle Back To Adult Stem Cells (differentiated Stem Cells capable of dividing and creating new cells)
  • Induces Maximum Absorption of your Best Wrinkle Cream or Any Anti-Aging Creams, Instantly Magnifying the Results Dramatically, Give Yourself an "Instant Facelift"
  • It's True That the Real Power of the Derma Roller is When Combined with A Powerful Anti-Aging Serum Like Our "Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum" (Hyauluronic Acid, 5% Micro collagen, Vita A&C)
  • Finally Become the Master of Your Skin! Tell Your Skin When to Eliminate Scars, Cellulite, and Wrinkles With Derma Roller and Anti-Aging Serum, and Your Skin Will Obey Your Command, Every Time.
  • Astonishing Results From a Powerful Non-Surgical Treatment - Dramatically Reduce Scarring Anywhere on The Skin With The Proper Series of Treatments


Question: What to Scars, Wrinkles, Cellulite, and Stretch Marks have in common? Lack of skin regeneration combined lack of micro-collagen, if your body would produce new skin cells and collagen then your body would replace with new skin instead of scar tissue...


But the problem is that your skin is PROGRAMMED TO AGE, and to produce scar cells instead of producing new skin cells to replace damaged skin. Yes, as part of the evolutionary process, your skin is programmed to age, and eventually die, looking worse and worse in the process.


Now there is a way to turn back this process. Derma Rollers with the action of our secret sauce to stimulate, or "trick" the skin cells into dividing to create new skin cells, and producing collagen to fortify and replace existing scars and wrinkles with brand new collagen fortified skin just like a newborn baby's behind.


Question: So What is The Secret Sauce That Makes Sylvan Derma Rollers so Effective than Others on the Market? Great question and we are so glad you asked. The secret is the application of "Sylvan's Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum" made with Hyaluronic Acid, telemorase, 4-transcription factors, retinol, 5% micro-collagen.


The "Pluripotent" serum by Sylvan is an amazing anti-aging skin serum on its own merit. The application of derma rollers treatment increases the product absorption and product penetration up to 300%. The derma rollers ensure product penetration deep into the basal dermal layers to stimulate new skin generation at the very foundation of your skin layers.


Yes, there are other Derma Rollers on the Market, and yes their function is essentially the same, the important dynamic is the Pluripotent Serum and size of the needle.


So why purchase from Sylvan?


We are experts in skin care and have been offering skin care products since 1998, consultants available for questions and guidance by phone or email, 120-day Iron Clad, No Nonsense Return Policy (Including all Shipping Costs)!

Yes there are many different grades of Derma Rollers Micro Needling


If you are unsure, we recommend that you purchase the 1.5mm Roller. The 1.5mm derma roller is the best option for cosmetic use. If you are looking for hair re-growth treatment, you should order 0.25mm for the optimal effect.


Uses 0.2mm 0.25mm 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.75mm 1.0mm 1.50mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
Uper Derma Reborn       YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Anti Age / Anti Wrinkle       YES YES YES YES      
Light Scar,Pimples and Blemish       YES YES YES YES      
Deep Scar,Pores Refine Treatment           YES YES YES YES YES
Enchance Nutrient Absorption YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Cellulite & Stretch Marks Treatment           YES YES YES YES YES
Hair Re-growth YES YES YES              
Eye Treatment YES YES YES YES            

Yes, Derma Rollers are a powerful treatment for hair re-growth, but ONLY if combined with topical solutions like Rogain, or Minoxil. Skin Micro-Needling increases the penetration of these products down to the hair follicle where they are needed to take action to re-grow hair.


How Derma Rollers work on stretch marks (and cellulite):


The derma rollers work on the thinned dermal layer which is what the stretch marks are, the precisely spaced pricks of the needles causes minute trauma to the top few layers of skin, this tricks the skin into producing collagen, and with the penetration of the Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum, the damaged cells will be eliminated and can, over time, be replaced by silky smooth brand new skin cells.


Derma Rollers stimulate this natural process of skin rejuvenation and skin healing. The dermal layers are caused to increase in thickness as well causing stretch marks to fade away, and eventually disappear altogether.


How Effective is Stretch Mark Removal?


Everybody will see prodigious results in stretch mark appearance with the appropriate application of Derma Roller treatments. However, results will vary from individual to individual, depending on many factors. The time it takes, and the efficacy of Derma Rollers to eliminate stretch marks will depend upon the frequency of treatments, and most importantly your choice of Anti-Aging Serum. You should see a noticeable result within a week of the first treatment.


Stretch marks will continue to dissipate for up to a year's time with Derma Rollers treatment. They will become barely noticeable after a few months, and for many users the stretch marks will disappear completely with the appropriate application of Derma Roller Treatment and Skin Serum.


How do Derma Rollers Work on Wrinkles?


Wrinkles are a direct sign of the skin's natural aging process, they can be induced and amplified by sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, facial muscles and facial expressions.


There are two major types of wrinkles:


Fine lines occurring on the face, and deep wrinkles or furrows mostly occurring on the neck. Most Wrinkle treatments are generally more successful on fine lines, while deep wrinkles and furrows may require a more aggressive treatment.


Although Derma Rollers work on wrinkles of all kinds all over the body, most of us are looking to cure the most noticeable wrinkles on our faces.


Wrinkles have two main causes:


  1. Free Radicals on our skin cells
  2. Aging process and our skin's inability to regenerate (divide)


The problem with human skin biology is that the immortal reproductive cells become adult differentiated cells that lose their ability to regenerate (divide and proliferate). Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum contains the vital enzymes and transcription factors to coax a skin cell back in time without using egg cells or cloning.


Free Radicals:


Wrinkles can be induced, or greatly amplified by free radicals in our skin.


"But what the heck are free radicals"


They are like little molecular assassins that in our bodies have the sole mission of damaging and even killing healthy skin cells. Free radicals are the by-product of many natural body chemical reactions and cannot be avoided 100%.


Environmental stressors like ultraviolet light, smoking, bad nutrition, allergens, can all increase the number of free radicals damaging our skin.


Stay with me Here: Free radicals cause wrinkles by attacking and damaging healthy skin cells.


Free radicals also attack , in our lower dermal layers, a connective tissue called Collagen. Collagen is an integral part of healthy skin and gives our skin strength, and elasticity.


Free radicals will attack collagen, causing it to split and tear, causing our skin to sink down, and:


Genesis of Wrinkles !


When we are young our bodies easily combat free radicals with "anti-oxidants"... The problem is that with age our bodies stop producing anti-oxidants and we can develop ugly wrinkles as a result of our lack of anti-oxidants, age, sun exposure, poor hydration, genetics and smoking.


Derma Roller treatment in conjunction with Pluripotent Anti Aging Serum treatment is an extremely powerful weapon against BOTH types and BOTH causes of wrinkles. The Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum, has powerful anti-oxidants, and stimulate new skin cell production.


Derma Roller treatment with Pluripotent Serum eliminates damaged skin cells, and replaces them with newly regenerated skin cells.


The Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum contains multiple anti-oxidants, fighting wrinkles at their foundation, smoothing fine lines at the source - the dermal free radicals. Derma Roller application of Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum increases penetration by up to 300% and drastically increases effectiveness for wrinkle treatment.


"Much Better than Botox"


Botox treats the symptoms of wrinkles, and offers a temporary solution... Derma Rollers with anti-aging serum fights wrinkles at the source, offering an effective long term solution.


All of us will develop wrinkles as we age... Derma Rollers are astonishingly effective at treating this most common type of wrinkle - the "age wrinkle". The Derma Roller acts in two primary ways for treating wrinkles:


  1. Collagen production from skin needling firms up the skin- tightens skin in delicate areas reducing, and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Opening micro channels in the skin to dramatically magnify the penetration factor of your favorite skin anti-aging serum. By profoundly enhancing the delivery of free radicals, micro-nutrients, micro-collagen, vitamins, and moisture into the skin, it combats wrinkles at the source.... effectively making Derma Rollers with anti aging serum more of a long term cure for wrinkles rather than simply an effective treatment.


Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum takes this one step further by creating "adult stem cells" capable of dividing and regeneration of new skin cells.


On its own, Derma Roller treatment can be an effective therapy for wrinkles.


Combined with a good anti-aging serum, Derma Rollers become a painless and incredibly effective alternative to surgical facelift.


The best Derma Roller to buy for treating facial wrinkles is the 1.5mm spaced micro-needles. Once wrinkles have appeared, there is no better way than a good serum in conjunction with Derma Roller treatments to evaporate wrinkles.... Period.


How Effective is Scar Revision?


Scars are nasty little reminders of some long ago skin trauma, usually either surgery, disease, or injury. Some scars are small and un-noticeable, whereas others can be grotesque monsters, at least in our heads, that we would do anything to eliminate......


Scarring is our skins natural way of repairing itself. Think of a scar as a patch, made up of s car tissue, and NOT new normal new skin cells.


The Derma Roller, in conjunction with Pluripotent Anti-Aging serum, will disrupt the normal skin cycle and cause scar tissue to be removed, and trick the old skin cells into dividing and creating new skin cells.... and eliminate scars.


The problem with human skin biology is that the immortal reproductive cells that built you and me develop into differentiated cells within our bodies and as a result, lose the capacity to proliferate (divide) forever. So the cells of the skin are mortal, meaning they have a finite life span, and as our tissues age, or deteriorate from disease, our body has a finite capacity to regenerate and repair those tissues (skin). As a result, if there is a major skin abrasion it is repaired not with new skin cells, but with scar tissue instead


In other words, the inadequate ability to generate new skin cells in the aging body is responsible for the process of scar production.

This is also true for wrinkles and stretch marks


Our reproductive germ line cells (stem cells) have longer ends to the chromosomes (telomeres) that shorten with age and differentiated cells. The shortening of telomeres is a clock of cellular aging.


What if there was a way to turn back this clock? To stop this process of cellular aging? What if there was an immortalizing enzyme that is shut off in old skin cells casing them to have a finite life span, wrinkles, scarring, sagging, cellulite, stretch marks?


An enzyme known as "telemorase" is the silver bullet ingredient in Pluripotent Serum that creates "adult stem cells" that can regenerate (divide) new skin cells. Pluripotent anti-aging serum, when applied with Derma Rollers allows the human body to regenerate itself and escape the genetic boundaries of human life; Literally Cheat the aging process...


Pluripotent Anti-Aging Serum contains telomerase, the purified immortalizing enzyme that turns back the cellular clock, allowing the skin cells to divide and produce Brand New Skin. There are tissues in the human body that can evolve "Adult Stem Cells", a source of regenerative cells --- do not simply repair damaged tissue, but they replace it with new cells.


Pluripotent anti-aging serum with telemorase, helps to reverse the aging process and get back to "stem cell" status that can divide and generate new skin.


The other part of the equation are four transcription factors involved in turning back the developmental clock of aging. These transcription factors in conjunction with telemorase, can create adult stem cells that build an assembly line making new young skin forming cells.


Until now there has really been no effective non-surgical treatment option for profound burn scars, and skin graft scars. See our before after pictures of burn scar treatment with Derma Rollers:


Scar Formation: Scars are the abnormal skin tissue that is deposited after a wound is healed. Scar tissue does not consist of new living skin cells, but consists of a patchwork of collagen fibers, and other proteins that plug the gap in the skin surface to replace the normal skin tissue and act as an effective barrier to infection and foreign particles entering our bodies. Scar tissue, although functional, does not look like normal smooth skin, and can be unsightly and embarrassing.


Now there is a way to replace scar tissue with new skin cells - "adult stem cells" also known as iPS cells. iPs Cells will be created with Derma Roller application of Pluripotent Anti-Aging serum, that will cause scar tissue to virtually vanish over a series of treatments.


The vast majority of different types of scar tissue can be effectively treated with Derma Roller. There are rare and irregular scars caused from the overproduction of collagen known as "hypertrophic" and "keloid" scars. These scars should not be treated with Derma Rollers because they already have too much collagen, and Derma Roller treatment can stimulate and increase the amount of collagen.


Scar Removal and Treatment for Scars:


The micro needling process of removing scars re-sets and enhances the natural healing process which created the collagen skin patch in the first place. Combined with the Pluripotent Anti-Aging serum, derma rollers will cause the skin to destroy scar tissue, and replace it with brand new skin cells - eliminating scars.


Also, thinner areas of the skin are thickened, simultaneously reducing appearance of scars. Normal Derma Roller treatment cannot replace hair follicles and sweat glands, but new iPS cells created by Pluripotents Anti-Aging Serum replaces scar tissue with brand new skin, sweat glands, hair follicles, etc..


Tiny micro needles cause mini-trauma to the skin, the skin is tricked into the reparation process. This means your skin begins producing new collagen. The big secret is when it is combined with a Pluripotent anti-aging serum, the collagen production is combined with new skin cell generation and scar tissue destruction.


Derma Roller will start to fade scars after just a few treatments, you will see the scar discoloration begin to fade, and the surface area of the scars will begin to contract, while the skin starts to thicken. The skin tissue will begin to replace scar tissue effectively eliminating the scar after many treatments.


What grade of Derma Roller (needle length) should be used for scar revision? Generally speaking, the thicker the area of skin with the scar, the longer the needle should be used. We recommend for any face scars to use 1.5mm, and generally home users should not attempt self treatment with a derma roller of greater than 2.5mm.


Micro Needle lengths between 1.5m and 2.5m will be effective in treating 95% of all scarring. The default Derma Roller for facial scar revision is 1.5m


For any face scarring: chicken pox, acne, surgery, burn scars, etc... Should use 1.5m Derma Roller.


"You Are Completely Covered By A Full 100% Iron Clad, 120-Day, No Nonsense Money-Back Guarantee!"

FAQ about Derma Rollers


  1. What grade of derma roller is best for me? Please see above chart... Most applications will call for 1.5mm Derma Roller. Hair re-growth calls for smaller micro-needles.
  2. How do I prepare my skin for Derma Roller treatment? Clean skin, rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Apply suitable functioning serum on the skin to be treated.
  3. What is the best treatment method for optimal results? First, please watch our training video on Derma Rollers. Roll back and forth horizontally, vertically, then diagonally 4-5 times over each area under treatment. Be sure to keep equal pressure and speed while treating.



  4. What should I do for aftercare of Derma Roller Treatment? Apply nutritional mask, and pay close attention to treating skin inflammation. Needles 0.5mm or shorter need no after treatment. For needles longer than 0.5mm the skin will turn red and will look and maybe even feel like a sunburn. Skin will be sensitive and can be swollen for a few hours. Do not expose rolled skin to prolonged ultraviolet light for several days thereafter treatment, use sunscreen with a high protection factor, and wait at least 2-days before applying makeup to the treatment area. The rolled are might start "peeling" after some days, this is normal. Don' pick at the loose skin. Skin cell division and collagen production is a slow process and should not be rushed. Do not expect miracles too soon, it can take a series of treatments over a few months to get dramatic results.
  5. How do I clean my Derma Roller? After each use soak the derma roller in warm water, and dish soap, then air dry. After you are done cleaning, you must dis-infect with alcohol soak for 30-minutes. Put back into the container when finished. Do not clean the container with sponge or cloth as they are full of bacteria.
  6. What is the best treatment regiment? How often should I roll my skin? That depends on the length of micro-needle you are using. A good rule of thumb is that if you have a 0.2mm Roller Derma or smaller then you can use every other day with good results. If you are using 1.0mm Roller Derma then the optimal efficacy treatment rate is every 3-weeks. For Derma Roller of 1.5mm optimal efficacy is achieved with treatment frequency once every 4-5weeks.


See some before and after examples!!!


Scar Revision


Stretch mark Removal





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